The Wellness Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight…Podcast Guest Appearance by Tim Borys on Fitness Nation

Corporate Wellness Podcast - It's Time to Move Beyond Fitness Subsidies & Yoga Classes at the Office

Last year, I had the honour of being invited to speak to thousands of fitness professionals around the world on the importance of Corporate Wellness Programming, and the opportunities available for both industry professionals and the corporations they serve.


The fitness industry and corporations are missing a massive opportunity by viewing “wellness” through a series of narrow lenses (Fitness, HR, mental health, stress management, benefits programs, etc.). The fact is, Wellbeing is a state of mind that encompasses all aspects of human life and includes wellness skills and actions in each of the following areas: work, home, finances, mental, physical, environmental, social, spiritual,  occupational.

This is tied directly into the leadership mindset and actions that create corporate culture. Not the marketed culture that you see on recruiting brochures, but the REAL, day to day vibe and actions that dictate the decisions of employees across the organization. 

This change starts in the C-suite. Until C-level executives begin viewing employee wellbeing through a lens based on driving positive results for both the business and employees, then “workplace wellness” or “corporate wellness” will continue to be a marketing buzzword that costs companies money every year and does little to address the challenges people and organizations are facing each day.

When the shift is made, EVERYTHING changes. Every aspect of the business is approached differently, including: Leadership strategy, executive actions, communications, operations, financial allocations, policies, procedures, programs, performance recognition, and incentives. THIS is what changes workplace culture and positively impacts overall wellbeing (and business performance).

To learn more about how to facilitate these changes in your business, let’s connect for a short chat.

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