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Four transformative books that cut through the noisy genres of self-help, personal development, fitness and nutrition to provide a real world blueprint for success in health, fitness, wellbeing, and living your best life.


They are the challenges, barriers, beliefs, myths, knowledge gaps, and tough situations you face each day. These include busy schedules, lack of energy, and the belief that change requires too much work for too little improvement. These curveballs impede your progress towards the health, fitness, happiness and lifestyle you want. This book was written to help you identify and understand your own curveballs, introduce you to the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance, and provide simple tools to hit it out of the park in all areas of life.


Curveball #1

The decision to change takes an instant, but the journey toward the results you desire can be long, hard, and filled with setbacks.

Curveball #2

Health, fitness, and wellness are not a “zero-sum” game. You do not have to give up your career, financial, or family aspirations properly.

Curveball #3

Being healthy, happy and fit doesn’t have to involve undying devotion to working out at the gym, or reaching a specific number on the scale.


Your mindset is the first line of defence against the curveballs being thrown at you each day.

Here’s how this book will help you master your mindset: 

Learn to identify the Circles of Success or Distress™ in your life

Identify your driving purpose, core values, and top goals so you can put your wishes and dreams into action

Challenge the belief systems that have been holding you back and upgrade them for greater success

Set SMARTER, more effective goals that are clear, motivating, and have meaning to you

Learn to step outside your comfort zone with progressive “comfort challenges”

We all have habits. The question is: are your habits working for you or against you?

In this book, we deconstruct the myth that habits are hard to break (or make). You will learn:

What the Habit Loop is and how to harness it for greater performance

The simple science and system for creating and managing the change process

How to restructure and remove habits that are holding you back

The three critical habits that matter most

Why sleep is a key component to each of your success habits

Want to get fit and lose weight? Struggling to get the results you desire and tired of trying the same old diets and workouts?

This book introduces you to a new, more comfortable, and more effective way of reaching your goals. You will learn:

Why fitness and fat loss are NOT about the gym

How harnessing The Movement Spectrum is key to unlocking the results you desire

The 7 Primal Movement Patterns that are the foundation of every exercise, sport, and activity

The 4 Foundational principles of movement (When missed, these will destroy your results and create injury)

It’s time to face it. Dieting is NOT the answer to weight loss. If diet’s worked, two out of every three people in North America wouldn’t be overweight or obese.

This book will teach you that:

Nutrition is much more than counting calories or how many grams of fat, protein, or carbohydrates you eat

The multi-billion dollar diet industry continues to drive misinformation and preys on those looking to lose weight and live a better life

Learn to positively shift your mindset and habits around food and nutrition

Get the tips and strategies you need to understand your unique nutritional needs, manage portion sizes, timing of meals, and learn why food quality is essential to health


“Struggling to get the results you want, need and deserve? The Fitness Curveball is a must read for anyone who is struggling whether it’s with weight loss, exercise, running their business or leading a team. Tim provides simple, practical, results driven advice and exercises to help you overcome existing barriers to accomplish whatever you want out of life! In one month, I have dropped over 8 pounds and feel great simply by following Tim’s plan!”
~ Russ Dantu,
Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author of At Your Service; A Guide to Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
“The Fitness Curveball is truly a playbook for life. If you want to hit a grand slam in everything you do, step up to the plate. Read the book, do the freakin’ work, and experience the wonderful results that transpire.”
~ Michelle Cederberg,
MKin, CSP, Speaker, Coach, and Author of The Success Energy Equation
“Tim Borys has proven an innovative, science-based passionate leader in fitness and human performance. The Fitness Curveball shares with you how to overcome your challenges and barriers to achieve higher levels of health and happiness. I like the book’s practical focus on the 4 essential pillars – mindset, habits, movement, and fuel. Coach Borys’ mindset, training, and nutrition systems will get you in motion and feeling your best! It’s an easy read, so go tackle your tough obstacles and break free to enjoy life at your best!”
~ Peter Twist,
world-renowned strength & conditioning coach, international best-selling author


Former New York Yankees’ draft pick, Tim Borys, thought leader and CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group holds a BA in psychology, is a medical exercise specialist, holistic lifestyle coach, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and master educator.

Tim believes life is a sport from which we are always learning. Known for his dynamic seminars and keynote speeches which aim to change corporate environments, Tim loves living near the Rockies in Calgary with his wife and children. In addition to The Fitness Curveball, he is the author of The Work From Home Productivity Handbook!


I want you to succeed and get all the results that are waiting for you, so here’s a great bonus package. It’s loaded with additional tools to help you live a healthier, happier, fitter life. Just contact me once you’ve purchased the books and I will make sure you get access to all these great resources!


There are lots of reasons unique to you, but at the base level it comes down to this:

You have goals, dreams, and aspirations in life.

Being healthier, happier, fitter, and performing at a higher level will make it MUCH easier to make those dreams a reality.

This book series cuts through the fluff and provides you with the essential knowledge, skills and tools you need to create positive, lasting changes in your life.

Because you deserve to live and perform at your best each day.


Author, motivational speaker, and coach Tim Borys believes that we all have the ability and duty to cultivate greatness in our lives while positively impacting the world around us.