#041 – Neurodiversity in learning, leadership, and business (with Dr. Jason Rogers)

It’s no secret that we’re all unique. With over 85 Billion Neurons and over 600 trillion synaptic connections that are constantly adapting to our internal and external environments, neurodiversity and uniqueness are baked into our brains and evolution.
So why do so many of our education and work environments fail to recognize and harness this diversity?
That’s the heart of today’s episode. With the help of Dr. Jason Rogers, an expert on neurodiversity and learning, we look at what current changes in the science, perception, and application of neurodiversity mean for education, business, and leadership.

Chief Wellbeing Officer Image (CWO)

Why Your Company Needs a Chief Wellbeing Officer

Hiring a Chief Wellbeing Officer is the first step towards fixing the corporate wellness disaster that companies are currently facing. With the steadily increasing levels of stress, burnout, turnover, and disengagement, executive teams are increasingly focussed on providing wellness amenities to employees. Unfortunately, traditional wellness strategies have not improved working conditions, stress levels, and the wellbeing of employees.

This is why the new executive level role of Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO) is gaining popularity. This role sometimes called “Head of Wellbeing” is a signal by an organisation and its board to take the health, happiness, and engagement of employees seriously. It’s a decision to move beyond “checking boxes” to generating tangible, positive improvements in wellbeing, performance and ROI across the entire organisation.

Let’s look at the key responsibilities of a Chief Wellbeing Officer and why having one is essential for the growth and prosperity of your people and organization.

How To Solve Workplace Burnout: Insights from Deloitte, McKinsey, and Harvard.

Employees and businesses are struggling to adapt to the new reality of work. Almost every survey and research study highlights that people are more stressed, disengaged, and burned out than ever. This is despite the billions of dollars being spent each year on wellness, benefits, and employee engagement tools. Science and practical experience show us a clear solution, but most companies have failed to take the simple steps necessary for change to happen.

The Wellness Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight…Podcast Guest Appearance by Tim Borys on Fitness Nation

The fitness industry and corporations are missing a massive opportunity by viewing “wellness” through a series of narrow lenses (Fitness, HR, mental health, stress management, benefits programs, etc.). The fact is, Wellbeing is a state of mind that encompasses all aspects of human life and includes wellness skills and actions in each of the following areas: work, home, finances, mental, physical, environmental, social, spiritual, occupational.

Should you set a New Year's Resolution?

New Year’s Resolutions. To Set Them…or Not?

This time of year gets a bad rap for so many reasons. In fact, you are probably being bombarded from every angle with “resolution” messages. I’m sure your inner cynic is rolling its eyes! (Mine is).

As for resolutions. Some people set them every year, others don’t. I’m not a big fan. I believe it’s time to move past them. To do something different…and better.

At the base level, there’s no right or wrong way to transition from one year to the next. It’s more about what’s working for you, and what’s not.