Leadership Tips: Are You a Leader, or a Limiter?

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Are you a leader, or a limiter?

This may seem like a simple question, but few people look deeper than the surface and what it means to be a leader, or a limiter.

At the base level, your outcomes in life come down to YOU!

It’s important to keep in mind that everything you do in life is part of a chain reaction. How you take care of your health influences your mood, which influences your attitude, which influences how you approach your work, how you perform at work, and so on. 

The results you achieve in any endeavor will not expand beyond your capacity to take action, learn, grow and develop.

Despite our best efforts, outside factors can still influence a particular outcome. Yet, we are ultimately in control of our reaction to those factors. We either lead ourselves (and others) in a positive direction or let our responses limit our progress.

While we all act as leaders and limiters in certain areas of life, the heart of this question is…are we leading or limiting ourselves in the areas that matter most?

  • Are you leading or limiting your health and happiness?
  • What about your career?
  • Which force dominates your family/social results?

These are uncomfortable questions to ponder; yet, making the effort to truly answer them makes us look deeper into ourselves. Most people are extremely uncomfortable with this.

Discomfort aside, getting REAL with yourself is critical to creating the change you desire.

  • Do you want to lose a few pounds of fat?
  • Get in better shape?
  • Decrease stress?
  • Sleep better and wake up with more energy?
  • Improve your marriage?
  • Get a promotion at work?

All of these are possible and within your reach, but accomplishing them requires being aware of how you are leading or limiting yourself in each area.

If you are leading in a particular area, things are likely working well already. 

Limiting actions can be sneakier.

Outright sabotage aside, sometimes limiting actions masquerade as leading behaviours, and may even produce short term results. However, in the long run, they hold us back from fulfillment and success.

We see this all the time in health and fitness.

Think of people who doggedly force themself to diet and exercise in the hope of losing weight or reaching a certain fitness goal. They may even reach that goal over the course of a few weeks or months, but then ultimately fail to maintain it.

This cycle may end up repeating many times, leading to increased frustration each time they “fall off the wagon” and slip in their accountability.

The solution is to realize that if we consistently aren’t getting results in a desired area, that it’s likely us that’s the limiter.

When we can first accept that fact, work to understand the root of that limiting behaviour, and then restructure our actions into new leading habits, we will be able to make progress.

With practice, this is something we can do on our own, but it’s a heck of a lot easier and quicker to learn from those who’ve done it before. To help you master this practice, pick up a copy of my book, The Fitness Curveball, available here. The concepts inside apply to all areas of life to help you overcome obstacles on your way to success.

So… are you a leader, or a limiter?

If you’ve faced challenges improving your health, happiness, and well-being, and would love help losing weight, getting in better shape, increasing your energy, or decreasing stress, I’m happy to help when you are ready!

When’s the best day to change? YESTERDAY!

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Have an awesome day!

FRESH! Wellness Group

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